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1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 8 Apr 2020

5 tips to create a home workspace

Many of us are working from home during this lockdown. Here are five tips to create a home workspace that’ll make you happier and more productive. 1. Consider Your Work Needs. Depending on the type […]

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 30 Apr 2020

DIY Utensil Holder

Here is an easy DIY project for the kitchen! Making a mason jar utensil holder is super easy and it also makes an attractive DIY kitchen decor. 1. Prepping your Jar Make sure the insides […]

1 min read • Molly Mahoney • 26 Jun 2020

Create an Ombre Crayon Letter

We have a cool DIY project that you can use to decorate your child’s room or door; the baby’s nursery; or even as a gift. Here’s all you need to know about How to Create […]

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 27 Aug 2020

6 Easy Storage Tips To Help Keep Your Child’s Room Clutter-Free

Tired of seeing that heap of stuff in the corner of your child’s room? Here are 6 storage-solution tips to help organize your child’s room. 1. Have a laundry basket Having a cute hamper in […]

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 7 Oct 2020

6 tips to creating a focal point in your living room

The focal point of a room does not have to be the centrepiece of the room but is something that is straightaway visible upon entering the area. Here are six tips to create a focal […]

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 21 Oct 2020

5 Tips to Create a Spring Bedroom

Let us help you make your bedroom feel like spring. Here are 5 tips to freshen up your bedroom. 1. Change the Bedding. Store away the dark colours and heavy blankets and replace them with […]

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 9 Dec 2020

Tips to Create a Shareable Kids Room

Children sharing a bedroom can help them to bond and learn to compromise. Here are our tips to help create a shareable kids room. Create a personal area for each child. Even in a small […]

1 min read • Toni Dash • 18 Dec 2020

Candy Cane Place Card Holder

This quick DIY place card holder project will turn ordinary candy canes into a beautiful table decoration for the holidays! NOTE: the supplies listed are PER place card holder. If making multiple place card holders […]

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 14 Jan 2021

DIY Mason Jar Desk Organizer

Here is a cool mason jar desk organizer to spruce up your workspace! It’s a super easy DIY project that will bring a unique look to your desk.   Materials needed: Regular Size Mason Jars […]

1 min read • • 10 Feb 2021

A DIY Dollhouse

*Insert nostalgic feeling* How to make a Dollhouse that you will love (for yourself or the kids)! It looks so unique, and there won’t be any friend that has the same house! Easy steps to […]

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 11 Feb 2021

Valentine’s Day DIY Floral Heart Gift

Here’s a great gift that you can make for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what you’ll need: A piece of cardboard (you can use a piece from a box) Scissors or a craft knife Glue gun Fake flowers […]

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 18 Aug 2021

5 Tips to Help You Find the TV Stand that’s Right for You!

Shopping for a TV stand may not seem that difficult but there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Here are our 5 tips to help you find the right TV stand for […]

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