About Us

Mistry’s Pine Furniture was established in 1975 as a retailer of quality pine furniture by the Vallabh brothers. With over 4 decades of experience in the furniture industry, Mistry’s has come a long way from the humble beginnings of operating from the owner’s garage, to an impressive 6000m² factory where our products are manufactured in house and 6 retail stores throughout South Africa. The factory boasts its very own finishing plant which offers our clients the personalized service of staining their furniture to a variety of colours.

As a leader in the furniture manufacturing and retail industry, Mistry’s has become a household name. With a diverse range, we present our customers with the option to choose high-quality products to best suit their budget.

Our dedicated in house design team is constantly upgrading our line of products to keep up with the on-trend designs. This means that each and every product offers a level of distinction to our clients. The Mistry’s promise is to deliver stylish products
to you at an affordable price.