5 Easy Tips to Organize Your Chest of Drawers


Are you one of those people who are currently struggling to find your clothing in your Chest of Drawers? Or maybe you have an overstuffed Chest of Drawers. Then this advice is what you need!

Here are 5 Easy Tips to Organize Your Chest of Drawers.

1) Remove all items from your Chest of Drawers.

By removing all your items, you can find those clothes that were jam-packed in or have fallen to the back. You can then clean up the drawers and remove any dust or dirt.

2) Declutter!

Don’t just clean your drawers and put the same items back. Instead, sort through your stuff and see which items you have not worn in a year or more. Those items that you no longer need can be donated, sold or thrown away.

3) Categorizing time

Group your clothing into sections. E.g. one drawer for underwear; and one for t-shirts. Also, consider hanging chunky pieces of clothing like sweaters or jeans – this will give you more drawer space and eliminate the chances of your drawers getting stuck when opening.

4) Seasonal

Arrange your clothing according to the season you are in. Doing this eliminates going through many unnecessary items when finding what you need. You can place your out-of-season items into a storage bag/suitcase and another cupboard or under your bed. You can also allocate a section at the bottom of your chest of drawers where these items can go until you need them again.

5) Top of Chest of Drawers

Keeping your daily bits and pieces on top of your dresser may be easier to access but can result in looking cluttered. Instead, use the top space for decorative items such as art, books, or a vase of flowers.

Happy organizing!