A DIY Dollhouse


*Insert nostalgic feeling* How to make a Dollhouse that you will love (for yourself or the kids)!

It looks so unique, and there won’t be any friend that has the same house!

Easy steps to create your dollhouse.

1. Get yourself some storage cubes. The number of cubes to use would depend on how big of a dollhouse you would like. You can use 4 small storage cubes or one large cube that has dividers in them. Keep in mind the different type of cubes available and the size of the room that the dollhouse is going to be in.
2. Add a thin piece of wood to the back.
3. Paint the dollhouse to the colour you want.
4. Decorate your dollhouse- add wallpaper (you can use gift wrap); use small pieces of material for carpets, print out windows; etc.
5. Create/Find some of your miniature items and start adding it to your house.
6. Adding a roof is optional and it depends on the style of house you are going for (you can also paint the shape of the roof to the wall)

Now spend hours having a blast with your kids!

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