How to choose the right size Chest of Drawer


When choosing the size of a chest of drawers, consider the space where it will be placed, as well as the amount of storage you need.

Measure the space and make sure the chest of drawers will fit comfortably, with enough room for you to open the drawers fully. Make sure the chest of drawer does not limit or block your movement in the room as you do want to be able to walk into the room when it is dark and not hurt your toes (trust me, it is a screamer.)

Let’s keep in mind:

Low height chest of drawers which are smaller in size does not take up too much of your wall space which means that you have room to add more storage or display items. This chest is ideal if you are wanting store away smaller items like socks and undergarments.

Choosing a wide chest of drawer will make it easier to store away larger items such as blankets.

Tall chest of drawers provides you with a lot of vertical storage while not taking up too much of the floor space. These work great for smaller rooms.

If you’re looking to place the chest of drawer in your child’s bedroom, remember to consider the height of the chest as you would want your child to be able to reach the top drawer.

When looking for the right depth of the drawers, think of the items you are wanting to store away in the drawers, e.g. clothes or linens, and choose a size that will be able to accommodate those items (if unsure, measure the size of your store-away items.)

Adding a chest of drawer not only helps with storage but can also transform the look of your room. We hope these tips guide you when shopping for your next chest of drawer.

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