6 Easy Storage Tips To Help Keep Your Child’s Room Clutter-Free

Tired of seeing that heap of stuff in the corner of your child’s room?

Here are 6 storage-solution tips to help organize your child’s room.

1. Have a laundry basket
Having a cute hamper in your child’s room is both fun and practical. Use it to keep dirty clothing in or to store away stuffed toys.

2. Utilize Space Under the Bunks
If you have enough room under a bunk bed, utilize that space by storing items in boxes, baskets or bunk drawers. It is a great way to keep toys and crafts out of the centre of the room.

3. Wicker Baskets or a Toybox
These are a great way to store books, toys and other items neatly. They not only functional but decorative too.

4. Labels
The secret to organizing is using labels. Using labels will help you and your kids find items quickly and make cleaning up simpler.

5. Cubes
Cube storage is a smart way to get the most of a room. Depending on the size of the cube divider, you can use it to store items, display photos and use as a mini bookcase. Add baskets or lidded boxes to the cubes to help store smaller items.

6. Organize the wardrobe
Add tags to rods to help arrange clothing according to their sizes. This eliminates time wastage and allows you to know what items to give away and what still fits. Shelves can help store shoes, clothes and accessories. Make use of containers and open baskets to keep things organized and provides plenty of storage.
Install hooks for an innovative way to hang backpacks, coats or the next day’s outfit.
If your kids share a wardrobe, it’s best to divide it.

Let us know your storage hacks that you have used in your kids room.

6 tips to creating a focal point in your living room

The focal point of a room does not have to be the centrepiece of the room but is something that is straightaway visible upon entering the area.
Here are six tips to create a focal point in your living room.

1. A feature wall
This is an inexpensive way to create a beautiful focal point in your living room. You can create a feature wall through the use of wall cladding; wallpaper or even have a collection of hanging items. Remember to use just one wall as the feature as the room may look too busy.

2. Bookcases
The perfect place to show off your book collection is in your living area. Use objects as well as books to bring in a more visually appealing look. Opt for a bookcase with open shelving for a more open-space feel. Avoid filling the entire space as you want a less cluttered look.

3. Furniture
Pick one piece of furniture to be your focal point. This element should have a stand-out look. You can use a couch or even a smaller item such as an ottoman which has a beautiful colour that grabs your attention immediately. Rugs that have a bright colour or bold pattern can also work great.


4. Mirrors
Mirrors are pleasing to the eye, functional, and bounces the light around that makes your living room feel more open and brighter.

5. Television
Many of us have a television in our living room that can make for a great focal point. To use the TV as the focal point, mount it on the wall or place it on an entertainment unit. You can add floating shelves around it and decorate with subtle pieces.

6. View
If you have large windows in your living room that overlooks a stunning view, make use of this as your focal point. Angle your furniture and use subtle décor as you don’t want the attention taken from your focal point.

5 Tips to Create a Spring Bedroom

Let us help you make your bedroom feel like spring. Here are 5 tips to freshen up your bedroom.

1. Change the Bedding.
Store away the dark colours and heavy blankets and replace them with light and fresh bedding. You can transform the look of your bedroom by changing out pillows and linens.

2. Add Flowers.
By bringing in flowers, you automatically change the way your bedroom feels. Fresh or faux flowers can make any room feel nice. They are perfect as décor and creates bright energy to your bedroom space. There are also many health benefits to adding real plants to your bedroom.

3. Use An Aroma Or Essential Oil Diffuser.
Use soft floral or citrus scents to create an inviting smell into your room.

4. Change The Decor In The Room.
Replace the pieces in your bedroom with bright and colourful pieces. The light colours create an effect as if there is another window in the room.

5. Give Your Room A Deep Clean.
Make sure to tackle every room in your house – from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen to the living room by cleaning, washing, wiping and vacuuming. Your room will feel so fresh and clean.

Tips to Create a Shareable Kids Room

Children sharing a bedroom can help them to bond and learn to compromise. Here are our tips to help create a shareable kids room.

Create a personal area for each child.

Even in a small bedroom, try to create a private space for each child. You can use separate toy boxes or individual desks to help with this. Bunk beds are not only great with space-saving but help with providing privacy in a shared space.


Have a place for everything.

Kids can sometimes be a little messy, especially when sharing the same room and playing with their toys.  By teaching children to place things back in its original place or the designated area for storing toys or clothes, can not only keep the room tidy but avoid conflict among each other. Make use of cubicles, baskets, shelves and other storage solutions to house toys, books and any other items.


To avoid or keep arguments to a minimum, set out a few rules. Kids should learn to ask before borrowing the other’s stuff and avoid taking it without asking. You can ask them to knock on the closed door before entering to create some privacy. This rule will help get your kids into the habit of respecting each other’s space.

Get them involved.

Ask your kids for their input before designing their room as this will eliminate complaints later on. Ask them for the colour of the room or duvets they would like. Consider giving them a few pre-selected options to choose from and try to ensure that both kids’ choice complements the other.

Bedtime Schedule.

Getting your kids to nap or go to bed at the same time can be a challenge. To avoid one disturbing the other, have separate nap times or get them to nap in different rooms. If one child naps at a later time, you can use that period to read, play or enjoy some one-on-one with your little one.Do your children share a room? Let us know some of the tips that you use.

Candy Cane Place Card Holder

This quick DIY place card holder project will turn ordinary candy canes into a beautiful table decoration for the holidays!

NOTE: the supplies listed are PER place card holder. If making multiple place card holders multiply the supplies listed with the desired number of place card holders.

Prep Time 5 minutes

Cook Time 5 minutes

Total Time 10 minutes

Servings 1 instructions included are PER place card holder

Author Toni Dash


Supplies PER place card holder

  • 3 standard size Candy Canes plastic cover removed (if you want to still be able to eat the candy canes, keep the plastic on)
  • Glue
  • Decorative ribbon, tinsel, or narrow width washi tape (decorative tape)
  • Place cards, photos or envelope
  • Instructions
  1. If using a glue gun (recommended): Heat glue gun. Set it up so you can quickly pick it up while holding the candy canes in place.

2.  Hold the long sides of the candy canes together, so the curved ends are evenly spaced. Holding them tightly together place the bottoms on a flat surface to ensure the bottom is level.

3. Glue or stick them together, starting with two of the candy canes. Then glue the third in place when the first two have set and are sturdy.

4. Wrap the ribbon, trim or washi tape around the candy cane cluster for decoration.

5. Use festive cards or place cards with names on and place on candy cane.

6. Store candy cane place card holders at room temperature until you’re ready to use them.

DIY Mason Jar Desk Organizer

Here is a cool mason jar desk organizer to spruce up your workspace! It’s a super easy DIY project that will bring a unique look to your desk.


Materials needed:

Regular Size Mason Jars (preferably without a handle)

Black & White Wrapping Paper (You can use any colour wrapping paper that you like)

Twine (Colour will depend on the wrapping paper you choose to use)

Gift Tag




1.Cut the wrapping paper to fit around the jar (leaving space at the neck and bottom of the glass.

2. Place the wrapping paper around the body of the jar and tape the ends.

3. Use the gift tag to label your jar.

4. Slot the twine through the gift tag and tie around the jar.

5. Add pens, pencils, highlighters, flowers into the jar and voila you have your very own desk organizer!


Alternatively, you can choose to paint the jar instead of using wrapping paper. Decorate your organizer to your taste.

Let us know if you give this idea a try!


Credit to: Linda from It all started with paint

A DIY Dollhouse

*Insert nostalgic feeling* How to make a Dollhouse that you will love (for yourself or the kids)!

It looks so unique, and there won’t be any friend that has the same house!

Easy steps to create your dollhouse.

1. Get yourself some storage cubes. The number of cubes to use would depend on how big of a dollhouse you would like. You can use 4 small storage cubes or one large cube that has dividers in them. Keep in mind the different type of cubes available and the size of the room that the dollhouse is going to be in.
2. Add a thin piece of wood to the back.
3. Paint the dollhouse to the colour you want.
4. Decorate your dollhouse- add wallpaper (you can use gift wrap); use small pieces of material for carpets, print out windows; etc.
5. Create/Find some of your miniature items and start adding it to your house.
6. Adding a roof is optional and it depends on the style of house you are going for (you can also paint the shape of the roof to the wall)

Now spend hours having a blast with your kids!

Valentine’s Day DIY Floral Heart Gift

Here’s a great gift that you can make for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A piece of cardboard (you can use a piece from a box)

Scissors or a craft knife

Glue gun

Fake flowers – Get them in different sizes and shapes. Tiny flowers are good to fill in the gaps at the end.

Ribbon for hanging


  1. Draw your heart shape on a piece of cardboard. Here’s a little trick to make your heart shape look symmetrical: draw one side of the heart on a piece of paper, cut it out and use it as a template for both sides, flipping it around for the opposite side.

  1. Once you’ve drawn your shape, cut it out using scissors or a craft knife. The knife may work better on the cardboard.

  1. Then, using the same paper heart template, cut out a smaller heart and use that to draw on the cardboard. Then cut out the inside opening.

  1. Now you have your heart form ready to decorate.

  1. Next, cut all the flowers off the stems, leaving only a very little of the stem so they can lay fairly flat. Be careful not to cut the flowers too short though so they don’t fall apart.

  1. Arrange the flowers on your heart to get a rough idea how they should look. Start with the larger flowers and spaced them out evenly, then filled in the gaps with the smaller ones. Try to keep the colours balanced. Glue them down when you like how they look.

  1. Keep gluing the flowers until you cover all the cardboard. Hold the heart form up as you go so you can see how it looks and make any changes as needed.

  1. Be sure to cover all of the cardboard – even around to the edges and any bare spots. This is best done with the smaller flowers. You can add a few of the leaves as well.
  2. Attach a ribbon for hanging. You can use the glue gun to attach the ribbon to the cardboard on the back of the heart.
  3. Hang it on any hook or onto a frame box.

Now you have a great gift for your loved one!


Credit Lori Greco


5 Tips to Help You Find the TV Stand that’s Right for You!

Shopping for a TV stand may not seem that difficult but there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Here are our 5 tips to help you find the right TV stand for you!


The tv stand should be able to fit the width and height of your TV. Also, consider your viewing height – the TV stand should not be too high or low to enjoy.

What is it made from?

The material used to make the TV stand should be strong and durable to safely hold your TV and other media devices and prevent the TV unit from falling.

Do you need extra storage?

There are many designs and styles when it comes to picking a tv stand. Keep in mind the media devices and other items that you will also store on the unit.

Your floor space is just as important too.

Ensure that you have enough walking space with the TV unit in the room. The stand should be at an enjoyable distance to you and not obstruct or block the entrance.


With so many options and designs, look for a tv stand that compliments the rest of the room décor.