6 tips to creating a focal point in your living room


The focal point of a room does not have to be the centrepiece of the room but is something that is straightaway visible upon entering the area.
Here are six tips to create a focal point in your living room.

1. A feature wall
This is an inexpensive way to create a beautiful focal point in your living room. You can create a feature wall through the use of wall cladding; wallpaper or even have a collection of hanging items. Remember to use just one wall as the feature as the room may look too busy.

2. Bookcases
The perfect place to show off your book collection is in your living area. Use objects as well as books to bring in a more visually appealing look. Opt for a bookcase with open shelving for a more open-space feel. Avoid filling the entire space as you want a less cluttered look.

3. Furniture
Pick one piece of furniture to be your focal point. This element should have a stand-out look. You can use a couch or even a smaller item such as an ottoman which has a beautiful colour that grabs your attention immediately. Rugs that have a bright colour or bold pattern can also work great.

4. Mirrors
Mirrors are pleasing to the eye, functional, and bounces the light around that makes your living room feel more open and brighter.

5. Television
Many of us have a television in our living room that can make for a great focal point. To use the TV as the focal point, mount it on the wall or place it on an entertainment unit. You can add floating shelves around it and decorate with subtle pieces.

6. View
If you have large windows in your living room that overlooks a stunning view, make use of this as your focal point. Angle your furniture and use subtle décor as you don’t want the attention taken from your focal point.