6 Easy Storage Tips To Help Keep Your Child’s Room Clutter-Free


Tired of seeing that heap of stuff in the corner of your child’s room?

Here are 6 storage-solution tips to help organize your child’s room.

1. Have a laundry basket
Having a cute hamper in your child’s room is both fun and practical. Use it to keep dirty clothing in or to store away stuffed toys.

2. Utilize Space Under the Bunks
If you have enough room under a bunk bed, utilize that space by storing items in boxes, baskets or bunk drawers. It is a great way to keep toys and crafts out of the centre of the room.

3. Wicker Baskets or a Toybox
These are a great way to store books, toys and other items neatly. They not only functional but decorative too.

4. Labels
The secret to organizing is using labels. Using labels will help you and your kids find items quickly and make cleaning up simpler.

5. Cubes
Cube storage is a smart way to get the most of a room. Depending on the size of the cube divider, you can use it to store items, display photos and use as a mini bookcase. Add baskets or lidded boxes to the cubes to help store smaller items.

6. Organize the wardrobe
Add tags to rods to help arrange clothing according to their sizes. This eliminates time wastage and allows you to know what items to give away and what still fits. Shelves can help store shoes, clothes and accessories. Make use of containers and open baskets to keep things organized and provides plenty of storage.
Install hooks for an innovative way to hang backpacks, coats or the next day’s outfit.
If your kids share a wardrobe, it’s best to divide it.

Let us know your storage hacks that you have used in your kids room.