5 tips to create a home workspace


Many of us are working from home during this lockdown. Here are five tips to create a home workspace that’ll make you happier and more productive.

1. Consider Your Work Needs.
Depending on the type of work you will be doing, consider the material and storage space you will need to work more efficiently. Make sure your workspace is conveniently located near a power outlet, or look for a multi-plug extension cord so you can plug in everything you’ll need—computer, phone, printer—at the same time.

2. Allocate a dedicated working area.
Find a space that you enjoy spending time in. It’s easy to get distracted by household chores or the television. Working in a dedicated area, helps eliminate these distractions. Having a work-free space is also crucial for inspiration. If you have kids at home depending upon their ages and the level of supervision they need, you may have to coordinate your workspace so it’s near where they’ll be doing “distance learning.”

3. Work With What You Have.
You don’t need a spare room to have a home office. By simply having a desk and chair in an allocated area can work great. Select furniture that makes you feel comfortable. If space is an issue, opt for making use of the dining/living area. Good lighting is crucial to keeping you focused both visually and mentally.

4. Choose a Filing Method.
Even if you work mainly with your laptop, avoid piling paperwork in your work area. Use the available shelves or drawer space from your desks or opt for boxes or baskets that you can file your work in.

5. Keep it Organized.
Limit your work area from having too many knick-knacks and framed pictures. While sticky notes can be a helpful tool, extra books, piles of paper, or empty cups of coffee will strongly weaken from your productivity, not to mention your concentration. A clear desk policy is both a productivity boost and a great way to minimise the distractions of working in your own home.
Reserve your workspace for everyday supplies, like your necessary stationery or planner.