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Tips to Decorate your Coffee Table

2 min read • Serina Roopraj • 29 Jul 2020

With the use of the right decor elements, a coffee table can become the focal point of your living room.

Here are some tips to decorate your coffee table:

Elevate using Height
The secret to bringing out the most of your coffee table is to use a range of height and texture. Place items such as a vase of flowers or a stack of books on a plain coffee table for an interesting look. You can also use the stack of books and create platforms for other decorative pieces.

Small but Mighty
If you have a small coffee table, try not to clutter the table with having more than 2-3 items. A mini vase can be enough.

Stylishly Storage!
One of the perks of having a coffee table with additional shelf space is that it can be used to store items such as throw blankets or books. Having them neatly stacked creates a visually pleasing look.

Add a splash of Greenery!
Use plants to enhance your coffee table. Little cactus plants are perfect as they don’t need much water or sunlight. Succulents are also low maintenance. Pair these two plants together and let the beauty create itself.

Add a Runner
Adding a runner to a coffee table helps you to bring colour, texture and an added interest to your table.

Organized Clutter
The coffee table is a great way to display your collections. You can use boxes and trays to help keep these collections neatly displayed as it helps breaks up the surface.

Natural Elements
Bring out the beauty of the room by using natural elements on the table such as wooden bowls and glass decor pieces, metal also looks great!

Space it out
Create a design-savvy look by evenly spacing out books and magazines. It’s a modest way to easily upgrade your lounge.

Keeping it simple
Adding a few eye-catching coasters, or just a few simple decor objects can easily make-over a drab coffee table.


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