Tips to Create a Shareable Kids Room


Children sharing a bedroom can help them to bond and learn to compromise. Here are our tips to help create a shareable kids room.

Create a personal area for each child.

Even in a small bedroom, try to create a private space for each child. You can use separate toy boxes or individual desks to help with this. Bunk beds are not only great with space-saving but help with providing privacy in a shared space.

Have a place for everything.

Kids can sometimes be a little messy, especially when sharing the same room and playing with their toys.  By teaching children to place things back in its original place or the designated area for storing toys or clothes, can not only keep the room tidy but avoid conflict among each other. Make use of cubicles, baskets, shelves and other storage solutions to house toys, books and any other items.


To avoid or keep arguments to a minimum, set out a few rules. Kids should learn to ask before borrowing the other’s stuff and avoid taking it without asking. You can ask them to knock on the closed door before entering to create some privacy. This rule will help get your kids into the habit of respecting each other’s space.

Get them involved.

Ask your kids for their input before designing their room as this will eliminate complaints later on. Ask them for the colour of the room or duvets they would like. Consider giving them a few pre-selected options to choose from and try to ensure that both kids’ choice complements the other.

Bedtime Schedule.

Getting your kids to nap or go to bed at the same time can be a challenge. To avoid one disturbing the other, have separate nap times or get them to nap in different rooms. If one child naps at a later time, you can use that period to read, play or enjoy some one-on-one with your little one.

Do your children share a room? Let us know some of the tips that you use.