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DIY Mason Jar Desk Organizer

1 min read • Serina Roopraj • 14 Jan 2021

Here is a cool mason jar desk organizer to spruce up your workspace! It’s a super easy DIY project that will bring a unique look to your desk.


Materials needed:

Regular Size Mason Jars (preferably without a handle)

Black & White Wrapping Paper (You can use any colour wrapping paper that you like)

Twine (Colour will depend on the wrapping paper you choose to use)

Gift Tag




1.Cut the wrapping paper to fit around the jar (leaving space at the neck and bottom of the glass.

2. Place the wrapping paper around the body of the jar and tape the ends.

3. Use the gift tag to label your jar.

4. Slot the twine through the gift tag and tie around the jar.

5. Add pens, pencils, highlighters, flowers into the jar and voila you have your very own desk organizer!


Alternatively, you can choose to paint the jar instead of using wrapping paper. Decorate your organizer to your taste.

Let us know if you give this idea a try!


Credit to: Linda from It all started with paint

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